A New Vocationalism

About the New Vocationalism: a willingness and ability to learn 

This web site is about graduate employment, unemployment and under-employment. It looks at the development of employability skills in university education as a response to evidence of the unemployment and underemployment of new graduates and assesses the impact of that response. We offer another approach to graduate employability based on the behaviour of graduate employers as reflected in data on graduate employment. The approach focuses on the development of students' willingness and ability to learn in employment. The web site shows that this approach can reconcile the development of graduate employability with the traditional concerns of university education and with the preparation of students for lifelong learning

We hope you will find it interesting and maybe useful. There are some further resources in the useful links and other work areas.

Tom, Asher and Sue

Tom Bourner, Sue Greener and Asher Rospigliosi

New Vocationalism news:

Higher Education Academy Workshop: Student retention: Reflections on best practice

Monday July 16th: Sue Greener and Asher Rospigliosi, ‘Graduate employability and student retention – the role of the teacher’ (Prezi)

Higher Education Academy Workshop: Student retention: Reflections on best practice

ESRC Festival Event: What is the point of a degree?

Location: Brighton College, Brighton, BN2 4AL
Date and time: 3 November 2011 13.45-16.30

A fun and lively interactive event for students in Year 11 and 12 from Brighton schools who want to question and explore the purpose of applying to university. Think, talk, create and share ideas with university staff currently researching employability and Higher Education. Up to 100 places available.

According to The Guardian 17/8/2011 "Firms cast doubt on value of degree amid squeeze on university places" but of the employers surveyed " 58% thought graduates would be quicker learners" than school leavers without a degree.