Asher Rospigliosi

New Vocationalism
Prince Pericles 'asher' RospigliosiAsher is a senior lecturer in e-business and management information systems at the University of Brighton Business School. He conducts research into blended e-learning for higher education and continuing professional development in business. Asher has a substantial and successful commercial track record in the development and management of online systems for commerce and education. One of of his commercial projects won the 1999 PPAi award for best consumer website (GameSpot UK). Other areas of specialist interest are the impact of ubiquitous internet access on business, organisations, planning, learning and knowledge.

Away from the internet, he has spent the last four years researching the relationship between higher education and employment. He is currently working on the idea of a New Vocationalism: returning the emphasis in education to stimulating students willingness and ability to learn. With his co-authors he has presented these ideas at the The Institute For Employment Studies, The Work Foundation and The British Sociological Society's Work, Employment and Society 2010 Conference.

Asher's non-academic areas of interest include his dogs (Cleo and Hermes), tipis and low impact living, Wing Chun Kung Fu, walking, cooking, eating, dancing and travelling with his partner Mitch (though not necessarily in that order!).

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ECEL 2011 at Brighton Business School

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